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Lexington's Best Well Drilling Cost

An adequately working pump for your water well is what makes all the difference between a good or bad experience with your water system. One of the main services we provide for you is pump installation and repair. Don't try to do these by yourself — have a licensed professional do it for you so you can save both time and money.

Water Treatment

Make sure there aren't any harmful chemicals in your water by having C. A. Hedrick Welll Drilling Inc perform water treatment for you. We'll ensure that you and your loved ones will not be drinking or using harmful water with bacteria or chemicals in it.

Well Abandonment

Got a well you don't want to use anymore? C. A. Hedrick  Well Drilling Inc can help you seal it up safely so no one will stumble upon it and hurt themselves. We also make sure that the quality of other groundwater will not be compromised.
Drilling for geothermal power system

Well Drilling and Ditch Digging

If you want a new well on your property, we're here to help. We can do well drilling, ditch digging, and trenching on your home or business so everything is safe and done according to protocol. You won't have to lift a finger!
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